Why don’t doctors know about desiccated thyroid extract?

Photo by Alex E. Proimos. Published under a Creative Commons license.

Photo by Alex E. Proimos. Published under a Creative Commons license.

I have a concussion.

On Sunday night, I hit my own head on my own car.  I thought I was okay until Monday morning, when I tried to walk my dog and almost passed out, so I went to a walk-in clinic and they sent me straight to the ER.

The reason I’m posting about this (and it’ll be short, since I’m technically not supposed to be on a computer) is because I talked to a lot of doctors and nurses on Monday, and not a single one of them had heard of the medication Thyroid (or desiccated thyroid extract, or natural thyroid hormone).

Every time someone asked me if I’m taking any medications, I would tell them, “I’m taking 60mg Thyroid.”

“So, you’re taking Synthroid?”

“No, I’m taking Thyroid.  Thyroid is the name of the medication.”


“Thyroid.  It’s made by the company Erfa.  It’s a desiccated thyroid extract.”


“No… Thyroid.  Have you heard of Armour?  It’s like Armour.”

Writes down “Synthroid.”

One doctor eventually wrote down, “Synthroid and Thyroxine.”  Nope, not what I said.

I can’t remember how many people I spoke to as it was a confusing day, but at least 3 actual doctors had never heard of desiccated thyroid extract.

When I feel better, I’d like to answer the question I posed in the title of this post.  In the meantime, what has been your experience?  Have your doctors heard of desiccated thyroid medications?  


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